When Should I Service My Oven

oven-thermometer-simmons-oven-cleaningYour oven is vital to your business.  We, at Simmons Oven Cleaning, are dedicated to protecting your commercial restaurant oven and fryer equipment. For most ovens, a sensing tube runs from the thermostat into the oven chamber. In addition, the liquid responds to heat changes by expanding or contracting, which in turn opens or closes a switch within the body of the thermostat. The switch controls an electrical coil, called a solenoid, located on the gas line. The solenoid, consisting of coils or wire that is wound around a central armature or plunger, concentrates the magnetic force generated by the electricity flowing through the wires. When the coil is energized, the plunger moves, opening or closing the gas line to the oven burner as required maintaining a specific temperature setting. Some oven thermostats operate directly on the gas line, moving a bellows arrangement to open or close a disk which, in turn, permits or blocks the flow of gas through the line, some of these valves modulate that is, they open or close the gas line gradually rather than instantaneously. A modulating valve reduces any temperature overshooting, and it helps maintain a more constant temperature level.

You can adjust the thermostat of a gas range if the temperature within the oven varies by more than 25 degrees from the setting on the knob. To check the oven temperature, place an accurate thermometer in the center of the oven cavity, and allow the oven burner to stabilize for 30 minutes. If you find a great disparity between the thermometer-e reading and the knob setting, remove the thermostat: knob and look for an adjusting screw. You may find the screw within a hollow thermostat shaft, or you may find it on a movable scale at the rear of the knob skirt. Move the screw or scale until the setting on the knob corresponds with the actual oven temperature.

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